Edward Lempke II Multimedia Design

Web Wiki

A place where you can learn more about creating websites and educational to those that have some knowledge of coding.

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WordPress Blog

It's my very first attempt at creating a WordPress Blog and I'd like to show you that I can work with WordPress.

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Full Browser Video

Showing you different ways of displaying videos on your website through large background, embeded or youtube videos.

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CSS3 Animations & Transitions

Different Css3 animation and transitions that I learned and some that I created myself. Its a cool way to figure out css3.

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Client Briefs

This project will help people learn more about what questions you should ask your client, to learn what they really want done.

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Four Paws Animal Day Center

This is a start-to-finish project of what a possible client would be asking for, before building the final website version.

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Portfolio Project

Its my personal portfolio that shows some examples of my past work from print to web and also some newer artwork.

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What I learned this Semester

Its about what I learned this semester and past semesters about coding for the web.